Quince PHP Controller

Quince and The MVC paradigm

The MVC paradigm separates applications into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller.

The strict, but powerful format allows for pages to be throught of as modules that return data and can presented with any application presentation, including Smarty, PHP or any scripting language that can access PHP variables.

The advantages of breaking an application into smaller pieces become more apparent as the application grows. The dynamic URLs, which redirect URL patterns to specific classes allows the developer and designer (software designer) of a web application to

This project is strongly influenced by to the way current Java Pages are handled and makes strong use of PHP classes for all pages. The controller itself is an XML file which determines which classes are accessible by whom. It also uses an aliases system which allows any of you classes to have their own URL, not tied down to filename. The controller also encourages using template engines such as Smarty.

If desired, one can use Quince to return other content types, such as XML data structures. XML data structures can be accessible with other applications by accessing directly using direct access to the file output, such as REST model or with SOAP.

For more information about this MVC Controllers please see: